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Welcome to VideosR.us

World Class Film and Video ReMastering ™
World Class Video Preservation ™

We Are A World Class Film and Video ReMastering ™Studio

Your ReMastered video deserves to join our list -- of world class productions; and,
you deserve to join our list -- of world class clients.

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We are the " post-production professionals " behind many privately archived films and videos you may have seen on PBS, History Channel, Netflix, etc.; and in independent documentary videos.

And the list goes on -- for over 20 years of wonderful footage.

You -- and your video -- will be remembered by the company you keep.

Keep Great Company -- With a Great Company!

You Now Have A Choice

Reality Check:

For Example: "Capturing Video" to DVD and "Telecine Scanners" are "Realy, sooo last century"!

" Free State" Video VS " Captured" Vide "

Virtual Video Files -- "Free State" Video --

  1. is Universally Compatible with all computers and storage devices; and,
  2. is the new video of decade 2020 -- and foreseeable future; and,
  3. is the new standard for long term video preservation strategies.

To understand NEW Virtual Video -- happening now and in the future --
you must understand that

Captured Video is "has been" video technology. It is the very reason you are reading these words -- because you recongnize

  1. your video and
  2. your video media

are two different technologies .

And, you have a problem because

  1. your video is "imprissoned" or "captured" by
  2. your video medium -- which is "going bye bye"
  3. taking your video images with it!

The worst thing you can do at this point, is RE-CAPTURE your video!

Instead, FREE your video as "Free State" Virtual ™ Video -- Virtually For EVER! ™

1960's Technology: Video " Capture " -- is Really, Sooo Last Century!

Why is this important?

Most studios today still cling to outdated, last century "video capture" technology; and by offering Recordable DVD disc to the public -- for archive purposes -- these studios violate Video Archive Standards of the highest authority on on video archiving -- The National Archives and Records Administration -- who governs all Federal Archive Agencies -- including the Library of Congress. More on this later.

Video " Capture " Technology Relics Of Last Century

The following are "keywords" you will see on the websites of outdated studios.

These technologies create video, inferior to the original images!
These technologies " impression " video -- onto physical media!
These technologies create " interlaced " video!

Most unbelievable of all ...

This website educates and alerts people -- they now have a choice!

Virtual ™ Video -- " Liberated " Video

Virtual Video is NOT the digital video of your old grand fathered PC--- like obsolete Windows AVI files.

We are not talking about video of last decade, but the new video evolving this decade -- which is sure to be the standard of the 2020 decade..

Virtual Video is the Video of

Sure, we all love our DVD collections, but we all love the Streaming Video On Demand of Netflix -- and now YouTube -- even more!

Now, for the first time in history, families and small business can enjoy their video history -- as Streaming Video On Demand. We call our password product, video on demand product -- EnterNetFlix ™ Viewer.

But EnterNetFlix Viewer is just the icing on the cake. We offer many other video products -- very useful in today's -- and tomorrow's world. Best of all, we offered most of our products -- as an affordable bundle of products.

But first, as part of your education -- that will set both you and your video free -- you need to understand why our products are so valuable to you.

Why Virtual Video IS Important to YOU

Digital Video which can be " freely " moved around and reproduced

Any video that is " captured " on a DVD -- makes YOU a " prisoner " of which ever room(s) in your home -- or business -- is hooked up to a DVD player.

Still clutching your DVD player and DVD discs? You don't need to.

We make thousands of physical DVD discs each year for clients.

You are not losing your DVDs, you are gaining freedom -- for both yourself -- and your video.

And we will

  1. Make you as many DVDs as you need and
  2. Empower you to make, yourself, as many DVDs as you will EVER want!

EnterNetFlix ™ Viewer

* EnterNetFlix™ Viewer
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You Can Have It ALL!

What YOU Don't Know -- " Captures' YOU and YOUR Video

People don't know

  1. they do NOT have to get stuck -- with " Soo, Last Century " video products; and,
  2. they do NOT have to use -- " SOO, LAST CENTURY " video " capture " services.

You CAN have modern -- Virtual video products -- from you

Special Bundled Offer -- Movie Film Only

Request a Price Quote -- Video OR Movie Film

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What Makes Us Video Experts

* What You Will Learn On This Website

* What We Do For You

* Digital Remastering Defined

* What is Virtualized Video™?

* What are 20/20™ Video ReMastering Services?

* How Can Video Be Better Than The Original?

* What is Movie Film ReColorization ™ ?

Video Preservation & Virtualization
Very Important!

* What is a Video Archive System?

* Bottom Line on Video Preservation

Our Video Products:
(V) = Virtual Products
(P) = Physical Products

* Overview Of All Video Products

* Overview of Physical™ Video Product

* What makes our drives so much better?

Details On Virtual ™ Video Products

* Summary of Virtual™ Video Products

* Virtual™ Video Products Specifications

* Virtual Disc-IMAGE™ -- Better than a Physical Disc

Details On Physical ™ Video Products

* Why DVD Discs Are NOT Archive Worthy

* M-Disc and EMP and CME Events
EMP = Electromagnetic Pulse or
CME = Coronal Mass Ejection

iPhone & Android Product Specifications

* iPhone & Android Information:

Video Approval and Payment Procedures

* Pay-as-You-Approve Model

Movie Film & VHS Tape Salvage

* Vinegar Syndrome Film and VHS Tapes:

Technology DEATH Shifts: How Ignorance Kills

* Technology DEATH Shifts Destroy Most Video

* Cautions About M-Disc Optical Discs

National Archive Standards And DVD Discs

* Why NARA Is Important To YOU!

* Were YOU Defrauded and Damaged Before?

Modern Archive Methods For YOU

* Archiving: This Century: This Decade

* Virtual Video™ Archive System™

* New Age Video Preservation Strategy

* Summary of Our Virtual Video™ Archive System™

* Virtual Video™ Archive System™ and NARA

* Out-dated Archive Systems:

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